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Nanyuki House: App waterproofing
App waterproofing: residential projects kenya
App waterproofing: Retaining walls Kenya
App waterproofing: residential projects
APP Waterproofing

Most roofs have roof covers, but others known as flat roofs may be made of concrete, and thus require waterproofing. REXE Roofing is roofing and waterproofing specialists and specialises in waterproofing.

For any water proofing works i.e. concrete roofs, concrete gutters, basements and retaining walls REXE Roofing has your back. We have very experienced technicians who have been trained on this.

Water proofing can be done on both old and new concrete roofs. In case you have leakages on your concrete roof or gutter, feel free to contact REXE Roofing. We have trained technicians ready to waterproof your house.

Some notable projects done by us are Abardare Hills Golf resort, Telkom Kenya in Nanyuki, Embassy of Belgium, Kitengela Shopping mall and a number of residential projects in Kenya and East Africa.

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Did you know that Rexe Roofing also do Waterproofing works? For flat roof we have enhanced bituminous APP membrane…

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