MILELE STEEL Chain Link Fence

The Milele Steel Chain Link Fence is a Milele Steel brand product for both commercial and residential fencing.

A chain-link is a classic woven fence also referred to as diamond mesh fence because of its interlocking zig zag pattern that resembles a diamond. Chain links can withstand adverse weather conditions and do not rust. This is because they are made of galvanized hot steel

Milele chain link fences are easy to install. All you need is to set up posts firmly into the ground and attaching the chain link that comes in a roll to the posts using a rustproof wire. The posts to use can either be steel tubing, timber or concrete driven onto the ground or set in concrete.

Milele Steel Chain Link Fence Rolls

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Milele Steel Products - Chain Link Fences

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Width Size

The standard width sizes of Milele Chain link are between 4ft to 8ft, customized sizes can be made on order. The standard length per roll is 18 meters.

Mesh Width Size

Milele Chain link comes in different mesh width sizes between 70mm to 80mm, it is important to note that the smaller the mesh width the stronger the chain link becomes.

Interlocking Steel Gauge

We use only the highest gauge of interlocking steel wire giving you up to 10 years lifespan.

Why Choose Milele Chain Link?

Milele Chain Link Fences are Durable

Milele Chain link fences are made from galvanized steel, giving it the ability to withstand different climatic conditions for many years.

Easy to Maintain

Milele Chain link fence steel fence is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is use soap and water or simply hose it off to make it look shiny and new again.

Variety of Design Options

Milele Chain link fence can be customized to come in different heights, lengths and colour to match your individual need and style.

Milele Steel Products - Chain Link Basketball Court

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