Quotations for New Roofs, Roofing Products and Roof Installation FAQs

Which type of roof covers do you have?

We have a wide variety of roofing solutions which include:

  • Architectural laminated shingles,
  • Single layer shingles,
  • Stone coated zinc-aluminium tiles,
  • Waterproofing membranes and
  • Waterproofing liquids.
How much will my new roof cost?

We pride ourselves in offering a quality-guaranteed full roofing systems as opposed to retailing single roofing products. For this reason, It is not possible to give a ballpark figure of your roof’s cost.

Your roof’s cost will include the roof structure services using either high quality treated timber or eco friendly Milele Light Gauge Steel. Other factors that will affect your cost includes the slope or pitch of your roof, your choice of the roof frame structure and the final roofing cover which can be architectural laminated shingles, single layer roofing shingles, stone coated metal tiles or waterproofing solutions.

Do you offer roofing consultation/advise?

Yes we do! Our team of experts will be able to explain which type of roof will be most ideal for your individual project, based on the pitch or slope of your roof, framing structure and underlay used.

For instance, we have encountered projects where the client had T&G ceiling and wanted to know the most ideal roof cover. In this case, it is cost efficient to use any of our asphalt fiberglass shingles as opposed to our stone-coated metal tiles because the stone coated tiles would need additional battens support that the asphalt shingles do not require.

We have also seen enormous wastage of resources where a client is advised to use waterproofing membranes on a concrete roof and this was completely unnecessary.

We work with partners who are on the front line in Research & Development and this has direct benefits to the client. We are always working towards giving more value to our clients; our products, for example, can be nailed directly on a nailable concrete screed saving you both time and cost – two factors that have a huge impact on the developers objective.

You will always receive the best solution from us.

How will I get a quotation for my new roof?

During the design phase of your project, your architect will provide you with a detailed roof plan and a detailed structural drawing from the project engineer. To get a quotation, you need to send these drawings to us on sales@rexeroofing.com or attach them on our Free Quotation Request form. We shall provide a detailed quotation within 24 hours for your review.

If you have made changes or are concerned that the actual project has some variations, we can conduct a site survey at a modest fee that will later be deducted from your final invoice.

We have a wide range of roofing solutions for both pitched roofs and low slopped roofs and we will let you know the best roofing system for your project.

How long will it take to get a quote?

You will receive a detailed quote of our roofing and waterproofing solutions within 24-48 hours after your detailed roof drawings have been received or the site visit .

To quicken the process, please ensure the roof pitch or slope is well indicated on your drawings. Most architects are keen to indicate this clearly when submitting the drawings.

What should I expect my roof quote to include?

At REXE, we pride ourselves as being a one-stop roofing system hub for your roofing project. Therefore, your roofing quote will include:

  • Quantities and prices for roof framing options for pitched roof plans using either good quality licensed timber or milele light gauge steel.
  • Roof cover such as our range of asphalt fiberglass shingles, stone coated tiles.
  • Roofing accessories such as ventilators to properly ventilate and protect your roof, drip edges to protect your eaves and UPVC water harvesting gutters.
  • For low slopped concrete roofs, the quote will include prices and quantities for waterproofing membranes and liquid waterproofing solutions for your concrete slab.
Can you direct me to some projects you have roofed?

Absolutely Yes! Over the years we have been very honored to make dreams come true for a good number of our clients and iconic projects such as:

  • the Hub Karen,
  • The giraffe center,
  • Mt. Kenya Holiday Homes,
  • Mt. Kenya Wildlife Estate
  • among others.

Most of these projects are open to the public and you can just walk in. For private projects, prior arrangements would have to be done with the client.

You can also check out our featured roofing projects page or visit our show room to see the roofing products’ samples in real life.

Please bear in mind, that pictures effect and lighting may vary slightly from the actual product and it is therefore advisable to see an actual sample during the order confirmation.

How long will it take to start my roofing works?

Once the paperwork and contract forms have been signed and sealed from both ends, it usually takes between 2 days and 14 days to commence the roofing works on your project.

This timeline may vary depending on the availability of the chosen roofing solution’s color and profile, structural changes that might affect the framing works or rainy weather. However, every step will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

What do you do when it rains?

All our technicians are professionally trained and covered under strict WIBA policies. For their safety and that of your project, they will not work under the rains, however care will be taken to ensure no material damage will be impacted by rains. Please also ensure you provide a good, dry, secure storage for the roofing solutions.

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