Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles FAQS

What are stone coated roofing tiles?

REXE Stone coated steel tiles are made from galvanized steel panels, coated with naturally mined granules.

Which colors of stone coated roofing tiles are available?

Stone coated steel roofing tiles come in various exciting colors, including but not limited to, black, red, green, blue, and grey. Don’t hesitate to ask for your color of choice.

Are stone coated steel tiles as heavy as clay tiles?

No, stone coated steel tiles are lighter than clay tiles. The weight of the stone coated steel tile is 5.96 kg / while a conventional concrete tile will be about 40.8kg/

The reduced weight per square meter consecutively translates into a drastic reduction of the quantity of roof structure materials needed to support the stone coated tiles. The support structure can either be light gauge steel or timber.

How many pieces of stone coated tiles do I require to cover 1 sqm?

1 sqm (Square Metre) of roof can be covered using approximately 2pieces of stone coated tiles.

What accessories do I need to use with stone coated tiles?

you will require various accessories such as ridges caps, valley trays and sidewall flashings depending on the design of your roof, send us your roof plan, we can calculate for you the quantity of accessories you require.

Do stone coated tiles require maintenance?

Stone coated steel roofing tiles are maintenance free and require no maintenance, for our REXE tiles, we give a 50 year warranty.

Are stone coated roofing tiles prone to leakages?

Stone coated steel tiles are nailed using an interlocking systems, Special serrated steel nails are available and we recommend that one does not compromise on this aspect as it is the major component that holds the tiles together.

How much does it cost to roof using stone coated tiles?

We can easily calculate the cost of stone coated steel tiles required for roofing your project. You can fill our online request for quotation form or send a copy of your roof plan via email to

Do you offer roof installation services for stone coated tiles roofs?

Yes we do. We have a team of trained in house roof installers who will ensure that they maintain high quality roofing practice standards without any compromise.


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