MILELE STEEL Light Gauge Steel Trusses

The Milele Light Gauge Steel is a revolutionary “Milele Steel” brand product that is used for both commercial and residential trussing and framing systems.

Light gauge steel in Kenya is extensively used in a broad range of buildings such as residential houses, schools, churches, sports stadia, airport terminals, auditoriums and so much more. Light gauge steel roof trusses in Kenya are the perfect alternative to timber trusses due to the scarcity and increasing prices of timber brought about by the existing logging ban, as well as the advantages that steel has over timber.

Milele Light Gauge Steel Trusses

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Light Gauge Steel

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Benefits of Light Gauge Steel

Strong and Lightweight

Light gauge steel is light-weight making it easier to handle and install without heavy equipment or tools. Light gauge steel also has great strength.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Milele Light Gauge Steel has an extremely long lifespan, which is a crucial advantage when it comes to construction and roofing projects. Also, it requires little to no maintenance.

Flexible design and Quick installation

Milele Light gauge steel is flexible and can be used in buildings that require longer spans without the need for intermediate columns. It can also be installed quickly since it comes prefabricated and, due to their lightweight, it is easy to handle.

Milele Light Gauge Steel Trusses

Milele light gauge steel trusses have a longer lifespan than timber. They are light-weight making them easier to handle and install. Milele Light Gauge Steel trusses are also fire resistant and compatible with any type of roofing material making them the perfect material for residential and commercial roofing in Kenya.

Light Gauge Steel Trusses

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