Frequently Asked Questions on Roof Repair projects

Like most things in life, roofs too have a lifespan. Most roofs will provide shelter and safety for between 10 to 50 years, during this period, extreme weather conditions or falling objects such as branches may cause the roof to show signs of distress that may manifest themselves through leakages, cracking among others.Here are some frequently asked questions on how we do our roof repair or replacement projects

Do you inspect the roof before repair or replacement?

Yes we do. When you call us:

  • We will request for images of the roof (if possible) and the project location.
  • We will then set an appointment for a roof inspection within 48 hours at a reasonable fee to assess the damage.
  • Thereafter we will send you a detailed inspection report detailing the status of the roof and the most suitable way to proceed together with a quotation.

If the roof is severally damaged, we will also offer a re-roofing alternative and quotation.

Should I be present during the roof inspection?

Yes, it is important that either you or your appointed representative is available to tell our technicians the detailed history about the roof and point out all the areas that require attention.

Will the roof repair quotation be issued immediately after the inspection?

No. During the inspection, our team will provide you with the various options that we have that can solve the issues, however, a detailed quotation will be sent to you within 24 hours after the roof inspection.

How much time will I have to sign or approve the contract?

Most damaged roofs get worse over time, this means that the longer you wait the more the damage. If a roof repair quotation is not signed within 30 days of the initial inspection, we would have to conduct a fresh inspection and this could affect the quotation initially done.

Will I get a guarantee for the repair area?

All complete re-roofing works and new roofing works we undertake come with both product and workmanship guarantees. However, on repair works for roofs with unclear history and where the nature of leakages is due to imminent failure of the roofing materials used, we do not offer guarantees on repair works.

What if the leak re-occurs?

Although it is unlikely that the leak will occur, if you notice an issue on the same area of the roof that we worked on previously, it is highly recommended that you call us right away because the longer you wait the more the damage.

If we find that the leakage is from a different point other than what we worked on, we will prepare a detailed report for your review and a quotation. In the unlikely event that the leak is on the same area we shall proceed to fix it without any charges to you.

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