uPVC Rain Water Gutters - FAQs

What are rain water gutters?

Roof Gutters refer to the channel on pitched roofs and low slopped roofs that collects rainwater. Ideally, rain water should not be left to flow back into the fascia board or the eaves because this is likely to reduce the lifespan of your roof, damage your walls and structure’s integrity over time.

What are rain water harvesting gutters made of?

The commonly used materials for manufacturing of gutters are metal or aluminum, PVC and UPVC. Because metal gutters are prone to rusting over time , at REXE Roofing, we recommend that you use UPVC Gutters.

What is the difference between UPVC and PVC materials?

Although both uPVC and PVC are plastics, uPVC is a harder and less flexible plastic which is resistant to UV rays penetration. PVC, on the other hand, usually fail under weather pressure. Gutters made from uPVC are more resistant to cracks making them ideal for use for water harvesting.

Do you need accessories when fitting the UPVC Gutters?

Yes, you require accessories such as down pipes, connectors and special adhesives. In order to establish the exact accessories required we would require a detailed roof plan.

Please send us your project details to get a quotation with a full bill of materials

Are UPVC gutters easy to install?

Yes, UPVC gutters are light weight and come in 4 meters length making them easy to work with due to reduced wastage. However, it is always better to use a qualified technician as opposed to doing it yourself.

Are UPVC Gutters environment friendly?

The polymer structure of the UPVC can be recycled which is a great benefit to our environment.

Do UPVC Gutters come in different colours?

Yes, UPVC gutters are available in brown, black, cream and white shades making it possible to blend in perfectly with your roofing product.

Do UPVC Gutters come in different shapes?

Yes, UPVC gutters come in either circular or rectangular shapes to match different building needs.

How durable are UPVC gutters?

Unlike metal gutters, UPVC gutters don’t lose shape or become distorted after exposure to the UV rays. Also, because of their reinforcement, most UPVC gutters carry a 10 year guarantee.

Do UPVC gutters sag?

No, they don’t sag. UPVC gutters retain the original shape and profile throughout their lifespan. They have a double layer which increases its durability.

Why is it important to harvest the water using uPVC gutters?

In a country like Kenya that deals with severe water shortage problems, the harvested rainwater can be used for domestic use reducing your water bills. The harvested rain water is stored in proper storage tanks, further reducing flooding and erosion.

Do UPVC gutters disintegrate when attacked by termites?

Unlike other materials which disintegrates when termites or insects attack, UPVC gutters are resistant to termites and insects attack..

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