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Are you interested in learning how to install roof shingles? Well look no further, Rexe Roofing has a variety of Roofing products, expert roof installers and roofing consultants with a vast knowledge of all things roofs and roofing.

In this article, we guide you on the steps to take when installing Cambridge Xpress roof Shingles, commonly known as Laminate Shingles. Unlike regular shingles that have a single layer, Cambridge Xpress roof shingles have double layers that give them a beautiful natural wood-shake look. The Cambridge roof shingles are packed in bundles that cover 3.1 square meters per bundle.

Cambridge Xpress roof shingles come with a special nailing zone to guarantee wider coverage and maximize installation efficiency. They are ideal for both low pitched roofs of 10 degrees as well as high pitched roofs of up to 60 degrees making them the most versatile roof shingles in the world.

How to Install Cambridge Xpress Roof Shingles

It is widely advised to engage a professional roof installer when Installing Cambridge Xpress roof shingles. However, it is also good for a contractor, project manager, or the owner to know what the roof installer is doing to avoid inconveniences of shoddy work being done on your valuable investment.

Ultimately, roof shingles are laid in a vertical line up on OSB Boards roof decking which is covered by a roof underlay. Laying of shingles vertically is known as staggering or racking; this method helps you to avoid wastage and also saves installation time by avoiding back-and-forth movement and ensures a watertight roof.

STEP 1: Lay OSB 3 Boards

OSB is an acronym for Oriented Strand Boards. OSB 3 Boards are recommended for installing Cambridge Xpress roof shingles because they have been treated to withstand humid conditions and termite infestation for a longer time than any other board. They are also light, strong, and water-resistant.

OSB boards should be installed with the grade stamp facing up for easier identification during building inspection. Ensure that the strength axis is perpendicular to the rafters to avoid sagging caused by the maximum hold being exceeded.

STEP 2: Install a Roof Underlay

A roof Underlay refers to a thin water-resistant membrane sheet that is laid directly on your roof deck to prevent roof leakage. The roof underlay is laid directly on the OSB boards and is essential for any building project be it commercial or residential.

We recommend the Armourbase Eco Roof Underlayment which is a Synthetic roof underlay. In addition to being the leading brand globally, the Armourbase Eco is lightweight and economical and comes in rolls of 50-meters each. It can be installed on a wide range of roofs, from those with a pitch of 9.5degrees to roofs with a pitch of 20 degrees.

STEP 3: Lay the Cambridge Xpress Roof Shingles

After installing the Aromourbase Eco Roof Underlay on top of the OSB 3 Board, it is now time to lay your Cambridge Xpress roof shingles. The Cambridge Xpress roof shingles are laid in a vertical line up, a process which is known as staggering or racking. The shingles are fastened on the OSB 3 board roof deck using nails that are driven straight so that the nail heads are flush with, but not cutting into the shingle surface.

Some of the advantages of Cambridge Xpress roof Shingles include:

  • The roof shingles are easy to install,
  • They are low maintenance as they can take any shape of the roof with minimal wastage, and
  • They are lightweight making it easy to transport them and install

STEP 4: Install UPVC Roofing Gutters

At this stage, it is easy to look at your installed roof, pat yourself on the back to congratulate yourself for a good job well done. Well, as roofing experts, we recommend one more roofing product; the UPVC Roof Gutters. In this day and age where climate change is ravaging nations world wide, the UPVC roof gutters are an essential part of your roof.

UPVC roof gutters have a double layer which increases their durability. UPVC roof gutters will not lose color even when exposed to the sun. This makes them more resistant to wear and tear during harsh climatic conditions. As opposed to traditional metal gutters, UPVC gutters are not affected by rust which makes them last longer in diverse weather conditions.


We strongly recommend using a professional roof installer to install your shingles roof. REXE Roofing Products LTD is your one-stop-shop for all your roofing solutions. We supply quality roofing and waterproofing solutions which include: Cambridge Xpress roofing Shingles, Stone Coated Roofing Tiles, APP and liquid waterproofing solutions, Roof underlays, OSB 3 Boards among other roofing materials. We Deliver Our Roofing Products Countrywide. Our services include roof installation and re-roofing old roofs.

Do you need any of our products or services? Request for a FREE Quotation, and upload your roof plan. We will get back to you in less than 48 working hours with a full quotation with a Bill of Materials.

Roofing 1 on 1

Would you like to know more about installing a perfect shingles roof using Cambridge Xpress roof shingles? We conduct a FREE program ‘’Roofing 1on1’’ at our REXE Showroom on Menelik Court, off Menelik Road and we would love it if you could pay us a visit. Feel free to Get in Touch with us for more information on our Roofing materials and products which include supply and installation of APP Waterproofing membrane, Roofing Shingles and Stone Coated Roofing Tiles among other Roofing Boards and accessories

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