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Despite the significant role that a roof plays in protecting one’s family, most individuals don’t pay attention and only react when something goes wrong. Re-roofing is a rather expensive affair that should be avoided by making sure the roof repairs and maintenance are done accordingly. Timely maintenance helps in prolonging the service life of the roofing products, waterproofing materials and water harvesting gutters.

Why You Should Maintain Your Roof

Apart from prolonging the service life of the roof, other benefits can be attributed to timely roof maintenance. For instance, a well-maintained roof means that no foreign material (water, soil, or wind) will find its way into the structure. Secondly, maintaining your roof helps you to save both money and time. This is because roof maintenance is cheaper than having to replace the whole roof. In addition, roof maintenance helps protect the environment as it keeps the old roof shingles out of landfills. Lastly, a well-maintained roof helps maintain the aesthetic value of your building.

What does Roof Maintenance Entail?

When it comes to roof maintenance, several things have to be done:

  1. Inspecting your roof to determine the best course of action to be taken; At times, it is good to consult a roofing expert for expert advice.
  2. Cleaning the debris to avoid any form of blockage to the gutters.
  3. Loosely hanging tree branches should be cut to reduce the debris piling up on the roof.
  4. Finally, the necessary repairs must be done timely to reduce further chances of destruction and leakages on the roof.

How to Maintain Different types of roofs

Shingle Roof Maintenance

  1. Clean debris: Every roof is bound to collect debris over time. As such, debris should be cleared from the roof to avoid deterioration of the roof.
  2. Check for moss and algae: Both algae and moss hasten the deterioration and should be removed if present on the roof. One can use zinc or lead strips to remove them.
  3. Inspect roof flashings and chimneys: One should make a point of inspecting the metal flashings and chimney areas to ensure no water is seeping into the house.
  4. Check the shingles: The damaged shingles should be removed while any loose ones should be re-nailed.
  5. Inspect the gutters: This is to ensure that no debris will interfere with the water flow causing back-flow into the roof.

How to Maintain a Tiled Roof

  1. Inspect the Roof – Your roof should be inspected for minor hairline cracks before and after extreme weathers.
  2. Clean the Tiles – Tiles provide a conducive environment for algae. As such, they should be cleaned with low-pressure power.
  3. Clear the Debris – Cleaning debris and cutting overgrown tree branches help keep gutters clean to allow water flow.
  4. Repair the Tiles – All the damaged tiles should be replaced to protect the house interior.

Maintaining a Flat Roof

  1. Clean your Roof: Cleaning is necessary for any roof and should be undertaken to remove debris to allow water to flow freely.
  2. Careful placement of Equipment: Any material that is being placed on the roof should be done carefully to avoid causing damage. Also, equipment should be well-fastened to ensure they are secure.
  3. Avoid causing undue stress: Heavy equipment should not be placed on a flat roof as it will damage the APP and rupture the membranes.
  4. Repair the Flat Roof: One should continuously inspect their roof and carry out the necessary repairs in time.

How to Maintain an Iron Sheet Roof

  1. Cleaning the Roof: The roof should be cleaned to ensure there is adequate drainage.
  2. Separate Metals: Metals should be kept separately. This will ensure that the metals don’t break down through electrolytic corrosion.
  3. Clean Uncoated Surfaces: Such surfaces should be cleaned rinsed accordingly and painted to prolong the service life.
  4. Repair Rusty Sheets: These surfaces should be washed and rinsed to allow the metal primer to be applied.

Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing Maintenance

Shingle Roof

What to Do

  • Involve a certified professional/roof expert – A roof expert will guide you on the best roof materials to use when maintaining your roof.
  • Always conduct regular roof inspections – Always schedule periodic roof inspection. Also, inspect your roof soon after rainy, windy or dry seasons.
  • Make sure that you clean the gutters regularly – This clears the gutters to for better flow of rain water..
  • Carry out proactive repairs – Replace broken or damaged roof shingles, stone coated tiles and iron sheets.
  • Make sure the roof remains free of debris.
  • Have a rooftop movement control policy in place – This ensures that the roof is only accessed when necessary.
  • Ask for a workmanship guarantee from your contractor – This is important as it allows you to call yourcontractor to fix your roof at any time at no extra cost.

What NOT to Do

  • Refrain from conducting the roof inspection on your own.
  • Avoid power washing your roof.
  • Avoid delaying roof repairs.

When to Call an Expert for Roof Maintenance

In as much as it might sound simple to maintain your roof, it is always advised to seek out for a roofing expert to guide you through the maintenance and/or repair. Roofing contractors give workmanship guarantees which span over many years. Such guarantees help you save money as you will get your roof repairs done at no extra cost. Always ask for, and use the workmanship guarantee for your roof maintenance and repairs.

You should call for a roof expert if there is a case of excessive granule loss. If you notice tiny piles of granules on the gutters or downspouts, call an expert as this could be a sign of a problem. Secondly, invite an expert if there is any part of the roof that is missing. Usually, after heavy rains, some nails pop up, leading to damages.


Roof maintenance may seem like a repetitive job to many. However, it is necessary if one is to save both money and time in the long run. Any damage to the roof may become detrimental to the whole structure in the long-run. As such, a homeowner should make sure that inspections and repairs are done professionally.

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