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Every rainy season is greeted with joy by farmers all over the country as they set about tilling their land and planting their crops. In urban areas though, the reception is much less friendly. Urban dwellers rarely look forward to the rainy season, and it’s not a secret why. We have to contend with compromised building structures such as overflowing drains, leaky roofs, and water-damaged floors and basements caused by flooding.

Let’s look at some of the harm heavy rains can do to real estate.

Negative Effects of Rain on Building Structures

If you own a building, whether commercial or residential, chances are water damage is one of your biggest fears. Water damage can happen in two ways: through either leaks in the roofs or when water seeps in through your basement and foundaions. You might be safe if your area only has light, periodic rains, but if you experience heavy rains that last days on end, you might want to pay attention.

Leaky roofs.

The roof is the first line of defense, protecting your house from the elements. It receives a battering every time heavy rains fall, and leaks can spring anytime. A leaky roof will damage your ceiling and walls. Most roof decks in Kenya are made of wood and wood being organic in nature, will rot when exposed to water. Then you’ll have to deal with a compromised roof deck that can’t do is job effectively.

Water damage from flooded basements and floors

You shouldn’t be concerned with water from above only. If preventive measures aren’t taken, rainwater will run down your walls, pooling around the foundations, and that is something you do not want. Inefficient drainage systems and water discharge (that causes erosion) too, will wear away the cement lining of your basement, which can lead to cracks that let water in.

There are the two issues you have to deal with:

  1. Finding a way to redirect the rainwater from the roof, and in the process, protecting your building walls and foundation from water damage. And
  2. Finding a way to waterproof from below, so the water that soaks into the ground as it rains doesn’t compromise your foundations from below. Let’s see how these issues can be dealt with.

How to Deal With and Prevent Water Damage

The first thing you’re tasked with is redirecting rainwater from your roof to protect your structure. Second, is to find a way to protect your foudations from ground level water. Gutters, tanks, and Waterproofing are time tested and proven ways of doing that.

Roof Gutters and Tanks

Gutters and tanks are vital to the health of your house. Without gutters, water will just pool around the foundation of your house, seeping into areas where it really shouldn’t and cause extensive water damage. Gutters will protect your foundations, prevent erosion, protect your landscaping, and importantly, they prevent basement flooding.
Furthermore, gutters will prevent paint damage and stop the growth of mold and mildew. Water tanks work in concert with roof gutters. Tanks give you a place to direct water to with the gutters, and this way, you protect your structure while also saving water for domestic use.


As you can see, a leaky roof can be a significant liability To combat this, you will have to invest in waterproofing. Our company offers a range of waterproofing solutions that will ensure your roof doesn’t spring any leaks. The Kiremit Clay Tile Waterproofing Underlayment, for instance, has had very encouraging results with waterproofing roofs.

You shouldn’t be concerned with water from above only. As much as gutters prevent water from running down the walls and compromising your foundations, you should make sure you take proper care of your gutters beacuse If they get clogged, they won’t do their job correctly. Inefficient drainage and water discharge (that causes erosion) will wear away the cement lining of your basement, which can lead to cracks that let water in.

Aside from the constant maintenance of your gutters, it’s essential to find a way to waterproof from below. We offer waterproofing solutions that will actively prevent water from seeping through the foundation or basement of your building. The Bituproof Waterproofing Membrane, for instance, is waterproof, abrasion, and tear-resistant. With this product, your basement will be able to withstand very heavy rains without springing leaks.

Why should you buy our products?

We supply and install a variety of products that will keep your house safe from water damage during even the heaviest of rains. We have a diverse range of waterproofing solutions; sturdy and long-lasting gutters, and water tanks coupled with reroofing services to help you go through the rainy season without suffering much water damage. We all know that water can and will compromise your structural integrity given the opportunity. Contact us for quotations on the best waterproofing solutions in Kenya.

Would you like to know more about the best Roof Gutters, Water Tanks and Waterproofing Solutions? We conduct a FREE program ‘’Roofing 1on1’’ at our REXE Showroom on Menelik Court, off Menelik Road and we would love if you could pay us a visit. Feel free to Get in Touch with us for more information on our Roofing materials and products which include supply and installation of APP Waterproofing membrane, Roofing Shingles and Stone Coated Roofing Tiles among other Roofing Boards and accessories

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