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Commonly known as OSB, is a type of particle board which is made of carefully positioned strands of wood. Aspen and other similar woods are cut into long strands parallel to the grain of the wood. It is manufactured into sheets made up of wood strands, wax, and resin adhesive. You might have spotted in many places but you weren’t sure of what it was.

Not just for decking?

At REXE Roofing, as roofing specialists, we usually use the OSB – 3 boards as decking materials as opposed to other materials because of it’s advantageous properties.

  1. It’s a lightweight material ( The lightest decking material)
  2. It is suitable for load bearing applications. (Reduces need for more support structures)
  3. It is an excellent choice for humid structural applications. Especially in areas experiencing frequent rains or humid conditions.
  4. It’s size allows for less use of timber or steel in roof structures (Comes in sizes of 8 by 4 feet) 2.44 meters by 1.22 meters.

OSB – 3 boards have a number of other applications due to the very same properties

Interior Designing

OSB – 3 boards vary in thicknes ranging from 8mm to  25mm. Choice of thickness depends on it’s use.
They can be used for aesthetics. In some cases it’s used for interior designing such as walls.
You can also design office furniture and shelves.


OSB Boards can also be used as a floor finish.


Some people prefer a different touch on their ceiling or even prefer to leave the roof decking itself to be a ceiling once we install shingles on their roof.

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