These are the finest roofing tiles manufactured with aluminum zinc – alloy steel coated with natural Italian ceramic granules enhancing their durability and style.

They are composed of several layers of fine materials, pressed into different profiles then sealed with an exclusive polymer coating.

Ceramic-coated Italian chips resist fading and UV penetration therefore making them environment friendly as water can be harvested for domestic use.

 The tiles measure 420mm x 1,340 mm. The actual coverage including overlaps is 370mm x 1,265mm

 2.01 Tiles are required per metre square

The tiles are available in 4 different profiles namely:

 Shingle Profile

 Tile Profile

 Classic Profile

 Shake Profile

They all come in 15 different colours which are: Blue, Capri, Brown, Teak, Coffee Brown, Teak Brown, Brick Red, Green, Jade, Grey, Dark Grey, Charcoal, Terracotta, Yellow and Caramel

*The colours in stock are mainly: Brick Red and Charcoal, however other colours are available on order.

A tile weighs 2.8 kgs, interpreting to 5.96 per metre square

The tiles carry a 50 year Manufacturer’s warranty

 The tiles are secured on battens using steel serrated nails

 There is a touch up paint used for spotting nail heads and coating cut edges of tiles and accessories

 There are angle ridge caps depending on the design of the roof

 There are side wall flashings used on the flashings

 There are barge board covers used to conceal the facia board and also to provide aesthetic functions

 They are attractive in appearance unlike conventional tiles that fade with time

 They have a wider interlocking groove to ensure that there is no leakage

 Low maintenance

 Long Life 

 Fire safe

 Safe for harvesting drinking water

 145 mph wind resistance

. Good value for money

 Reduce energy consumption and landfill impact

 Lifetime limited Warranty

 There is a substantial saving on timber cost due to the long size of the tiles 

 The tiles come in gauge 26’ unlike conventional tiles which come in gauge 28 and above

 They are easy to fix

 We have the best prices

 We have many years of experience in the roofing industry

 We arrange for direct importation where large quantities are involved saving money for our clients

 We do not compromise on our quality

 We honor our word and take responsibility of our actions

 We are flexible to our customers needs

 We offer transport within Nairobi and its environs

 We assist in delivery of tiles out of Nairobi, with reliable transport companies where needed.

 We pay site visits and give our expertise on fixing at no extra charges

 We provide both supply and fixing quotation