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Residential projects: Cambridge Xpress Aged Redwood shingles
Residential Projects: Cambridge Xpress Runda Kenya
Residential projects: Roofing shingles Kenya Autumn Brown

Runda is one of the many prestigious estates in Nairobi, Kenya and is located along Kiambu road just before the bypass junction.

Over the past 8 years, we are proud to be part of the Runda community and providing them with modern and efficient roofing solutions. Our roof brings out the beauty of your house while maintaining durability among other added advantages such as roof insulation and ventilation.

Some fast moving colours that have been used on residential projects are Aged Redwood and Tile Red shingles both Cambridge Xpress and Superglass shingles.

We usually get a lot of enquires on whether we deal residential projects and we would like to assure you that we also do supply and install residential roofs and for sites within Nairobi and its environs, we deliver for free.

So when searching for roofing products don’t hesitate to contact us for advise and quotes for your home projects. We will offer you the best roofing products and the best customer experience.

Runda Residential Projects
Product type:
Cambridge Xpress and Superglass shingles

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Did you know that Rexe Roofing also do Waterproofing works? For flat roof we have enhanced bituminous APP membrane…

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