It was a pleasure working with Rexe roofing. 
From me and my family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!
Dr. Ajay
Now that waterproofing has been completed, we appreciate the good work done.
Michael, Top World Ltd
Thanks for the efficient delivery of all the roofing materials we have procured from your company. The tiles were received earlier in the week, asante. Regards.
Murangiri N
Rexe Roofing Products Limited supplied roofing materials used to construct our residential house at Karen, Nairobi. I summarize their sales and customer service performance as follows:Good expertise in arriving at the total requirement of materials, Competitive pricing, Timely delivery of products.Great customer service as they accepted  our proposed extended payment plan, They also  handled returns /exchange of materials very effectively.
Peter S Lutukai
Many thanks for the effective works!
John Nganga
Thank you again for all your prompt excellent service.
G. Farrant