APP Waterproofing membranes

APP waterproofing membranes provide superior tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility – even in the coldest environments. Additionally, with APP roofing membranes (coated with a proprietary blend of asphalt and atactic polypropylene), contractors now have an efficient mode of application by heat welding.

Installation Guide [pdf]

The main advantages of our APP membranes include:

  • Enhanced bitumen performance by increasing UV resistance
  • Increasing flexibility at low temps
  • Improving flow resistance at high temps
  • Excellent weathering
  • Fire resistant properties
  • Climate adaptability

Our membranes conform to the: ISO 18000, CE Mark Compliance, ASTM compliance among other quality standards

Warranty: We offer a 10 year platinum guarantee

Notes about APP Waterproofing Membranes


  1. Substrates must be inspected as suitable to receive and hold membrane materials.
  2. Start the installation of all membrane plies at the low point or drains, so the flow of water is over or parallel to the plies, but never against the laps. Position and align roll prior to application.
  3. Chalk line where necessary to assure proper alignment and headlap widths of membrane plies.
  4. Use half sheet width as a starter strip in case of two-ply specifications.
  5. Assure that all membrane plies lay flat and are fully and uniformly bonded to their substrate. Wrinkles, fish mouths and other like defects must be removed and patched.
  6. Extend all membrane plies to dimensions necessary to accommodate flashing conditions.
  7. Stagger all adjacent end laps for all membrane plies a minimum of 15 cm. Side laps shall not coincide in multiple layer applications.
  8. When applying APP Membrane using a torch on roof slopes 20 cm per meter or greater, contact our technical office for individual project requirements

APP Membrane Application

  1. The surface over which the membrane is to be installed shall be prepared in accordance with specification manual.
  2. Start at the low point of the substrate and progress to the high point. The membrane shall be installed perpendicular to the slope of the substrate except on steep slopes (24 cm per meter or greater). At vertical surfaces, abutting the substrate, the membrane shall extend to the cant and must be heat welded to the underlying membrane previously installed. On slopes 24 cm per meter or greater, the membrane should run parallel to the slope of the substrate.
  3. All overlaps at the membrane seams shall be installed so as to have "up" slope laps over "down" slope laps.
  4. APP membranes shall never be applied by any method except welding with a propane torch or devices specifically designed for application of APP modified bitumen.
  5. Flammable and solvent-based material (e.g. plastic cement) should not be exposed to flame.
  6. When re-roofing, wood and fiber cant strips are extremely flammable and should be properly protected.
  7. Restaurant and food service exhaust vents can contain grease. All intake fans should be shut off during application with special care taken to keep torches away from openings.
  8. The coiled membrane shall be unrolled approximately 3 meters, aligned, then the propane torch flame applied to the exposed outer surface of the coiled membrane until the compound reaches the proper application temperature, causing the compound to develop a slight sheen.
  9. Care should be taken to avoid overheating which may result in damage to or improper adhesion of the membrane. (The flame should be moved in the shape of an "L", applying about 75 percent of the heat to the roll and 25 percent to the substrate, including the lap area of the previously installed membrane.) The flame should be moved from side to side and up the lap edge while the membrane is slowly unrolled and adhered to the underlying surface. Subsequent shift of the roll shall be avoided after heating has begun. When complete, the remaining membrane shall be rerolled and installed in the same manner. When one end is complete, reroll the opposite end not yet torched, and install in the same manner.
  10. End laps shall be lapped 15 cm, and the side laps must be lapped 7.5 cm

Flashing General

  1. All flashing must be completed using APP Membranes and any additional membrane layers as required by Details.
  2. Flash penetrations passing through the membrane.
  3. The flashing seal must be made directly to the penetration (except as shown in details with metal sleeves).
  4. Install base sheet or prepare substrate
  5. After the base sheet and field membrane have been installed, using a hook blade knife, cut flashing sections from the APP Membrane. Flashing must extend a minimum of 150 mm onto the field membrane.

Flashing Installation

  1. All APP flashing pieces must be properly heated and positioned in place.
  2. The area of the flashing that will cover from the top of the cant and above must also be properly heated and installed.
  3. The flashing portion that extends into the surface must be heated and adhered to the field membrane.
  4. Previously installed field membrane and wall flashing must be protected so that it is not damaged when additional flashing pieces are installed.

Technical Data Analysis

Results for APP Bituminous Waterproofing Membranes – (4Kg/Sqm)

Technical Data

Test Method



Roll Length

Roll Width

Thickness for PE finish

Weight for slated surface finish 

EN 1848-1

EN 1848-1

EN 1849-1

EN 1849-1 








 Cold flexibility

Heat Resistance

 EN 1109

EN 1110



0 to -2


Tensile strength - Long


 EN 12311-1





Elongation at break - Long


EN 12310-1  


> 40

> 42 

 Tear Resistance - Long (Nail – Shank)


EN 12310-1 




Tensile-tear Resistance - Long


 ASTM D-5147




Water impermeability at 100 K pa   EN 1928:2000  Absolutely impermeable
Adhesion to concrete  EN 13596  N/cm2  40 
 Thermal conductivity ASTM C-177   Kcal/mh 0c  0.12 
 Average Granule loss for mineral slated finish  ASTM D-4977 Gm/m2  Less than 200 


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