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Company Background

Rexe Roofing Products Ltd, an acronym for Reliable, Excellent, eXperienced & Elegant is the brainchild of our Managing Director who after working extensively in the construction industry, particularly in roofing products and services , took the initiative to start her own company, in partnership with two other Directors.

Rexe Roofing Products Ltd sole purpose is to improve the living standards for home owners in Kenya and Eastern Africa communities by availing affordable quality roofing and waterproofing products, successively bridging the gap between demand and supply of these products in the construction industry whose growth was much greater than the few existing suppliers could handle. This created the much needed employment to supply the labour force that was required to meet the demand for roofing products and services.

About Rexe Roofing Products Ltd

Rexe Roofing Products Ltd is a medium sized company registered with the chamber of commerce and appointed distributors of IKO the worldwide shingle manufacturers since 1952. We ensure that there is an adequate supply of high performance Zinz-Aluminium stone coated metal tiles, a wide range of Bituminous asphalt shingles and App waterproofing membranes

All our products are backed by the highest performance and workmanship warranties with the least warranty starting from 20 years for our range of roofing shingles.


Some of our Clients

REXE is a Reliable company that provides Excellent services backed by years of eXperience and enhanced by Elegant durable products


To demonstrate leadership on advancing gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community, Rexe Roofing Products Ltd signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women's Empowerment Principles on 22nd May 2015

Our Contacts

Head Office: Menelik Lane, Off Kirichwa Rd, Kilimani; Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone:+254202138191; +254205280134; +254704646664; +254731068184

Kitengela Branch: Moran Trade Center, A1 

Naivasha Branch: Next to Bufallo Mall 

Eldoret Branch: Duka Moja Centre 

Telephone: +254733965520

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